Threading Information

Abbreviation System Name Compatibility
Male BSPP wh Female BSPP
Seal Method
BSPP British Standard Pipe Parallel Female BSPP with Male BSPP Washer
Female BSPP with Male BSPTr Washer
BSPTR British Standard Pipe Taper Male BSPTr with Female BSPTr Male BSPTr with Female BSPP Thread Washer
Female BSPTr with Male BSPTrFemale BSPTr nol compatible  with MateBSPP Thread
CHT American Standard Fire Hose Thread(1″ National HoseThread is Chemical 1″ Male NH (NST) with 1″ Female NH (NST) 1″Female NH (NST) with 1″ Male NH (NST) WasherWasher
Hose Thread, also known as Booster 1·Threadis used on both 314″ hose and 1·hose.
Hose Thread) Not compatible with other systems
Male GHT with Female GHT Washer
GHT Garden Hose Thread Female GHT with Male GHT Washer
Thread is same for all size hose
Not compatible with other systems
TPS Iron Pipe Straight Thread Generic Name for Straight Pipe ThreadSee NPSH for compatibility Washer
TPT Iron Pipe Thread Generic Name for All Pipe Thread
More information required
JTC Joint Industrial Committee Used with other mating JIC threads Mechanical
American Standard Fire Hose Male NH (NST)     h Female NH (NST) Washer
NH Coupling Thread Femak! NH (NST) wi1h Male NH (NST) Washer
OR (National Hose thread also known as Not compatJbfewith other systems
NST National Standard Thread) Thread pitch and diameters of fire threads may vary
according to local and municipal regulations.
Male NPT with Female NPT Thread
Male NPT with Female NPTF Thread
American Standard Taper Pipe Male NPT w Female NPSM Washer
NPT Thread Male NPT wrth Female NPSH Washer
(National Pipe Tapered) Female NPT with Male NPTFema1e NPT with Male NPTF Thread Thread
Fema’e NPT not compatible with Male NPSM or Male
Male NPTF with Female NPTF Male NPTF with Femak! NPT Male NPTF w Femak! NPSM Thread Thread Washer
American Standard Taper Pipe Mak! NPTF wrth Female NPSH Washer
NPTF Fuel Dryseal Thread (Nallonal Pipe Female NPTF with Male NPTF Thread
Tapered) (Dryseal) Female NPTF with Male NPT Thread
Female NPTF with Male NPSM or NPSH Not Compatible
Not&:  NPTF with NPTF threads do not requiresealant for the initial use. After that, seafant is required.
Male NPSH with Female NPSH Washer
American Standard Straight Pipe Female NPSH with Male NPSH Washer
NPSH for Hose Couplings (National Pipe Female NPSH with Male NPT Washer
Straight Hose) Female NPSH wrth Male NPTF Washer
Female NPSH wrth Mak! NPSM Washer
Male NPSM with Female NPSM Sealcan be either
American Standard  Straight Male NPSM with Female NPSH mechanical or washer.
NPSM Mechanical Joints (National Pipe Female NPSM wrth Male NPSM Mating fittings must be
Straight  Mechanical) Female NPSM with Male NPT of same type.
Femak! NPSM w Male NPTF
SIPT TIPT NYC Straight Iron Pipe Thread Tapered Iron Pipe Thread NYC Fire Department Generic name for Straight Pipe Thread Generk: name for Tapered Pipe Thread Straight Thread usedin New York Crty Washer Thread Washer
CHICAGO Chicago Fire Department Straight Thread used in Chicago Washer